Springs Community Night School

Dedicated To Excellence

  • SCNS Student

    Springs Community Night School is an innovative educational program for students 17 to 21 years old wanting to earn their High School Diploma in the afternoon/evening hours. Our mission is to offer a safe, rigorous academic environment that empowers students to be productive, successful, lifelong learners through positive partnerships.  

    This unique program is designed so students take only two to three classes at a time with each class lasting approximately 6 weeks. This allows the student to narrow their focus and concentrate on success. Students attend class Monday-Thursday with classes starting as early at 1:30 pm and ending at 9:48 at night. The curriculum is delivered through traditional classroom instruction and online classes. Students have the potential to earn up to 21 credits in one school year.
    Faculty and staff work closely with each student to create academic schedules that not only meet the required 46 credits needed for graduation but also best serve the student. SCNS is committed to ensuring students are prepared for whatever they choose to pursue after earning their diploma.

Student Testimonials

  • “I love night school because I’m able to spend time and take care of my daughter during the day and I’m able to graduate early. “ Vanessa

    “I like going to school here because I feel welcomed, the teachers and Principal are awesome.“ Jay

    “I like going to school here because I feel I enjoy coming to Night School for the environment and structure.” Edward
SCNS Student
  • “The reason why I like Night School is because of the class size and how the students are drama free.” Carlos

    “The reason I love Night School is because it is the only alternative school with teachers who teach in front of you.” Payton

    “I love night school because the teachers are more understanding and seem to actually care about what I’m learning and what I don't understand.” Merian

    "I like to go to Night School because it's chill and laid back.“ Anila

    “I like Night School because we only go to school four days a week and you can go longer in the day and make up credits.” Nathan

    “I love Night School because you get your work done in class.” Eric

    "Night School is great because the teachers are great and it’s a fun learning environment." Deric