• District 11 uses a mass communication system to notify the community of any delays or closures.  In addition to receiving notification via email, text message (if you opted in for texting), and mobile app notifications, an alert window will pop up on any District 11 website you visit. This will ensure you receive the notification in a timely manner. The notification box can be acknowledged and closed.

    To find out the current status of District 11 Schools, you can also tune in to Comcast Channel 16 and Falcon Broadband Channel 73 or call 520-2300.  Notices are also sent to the District Flash News Alerts rss feed and posted to our mobile app and Facebook and Twitter feeds.




  •  In the event of a delay or closure, we will send out a notification via email, text message and mobile app push.

    Parents: Login with your Q Parent Portal PIN and password.
    Staff and Students: Use your email address ( and your D11 network password.
    Community Members: Use the login credentials you created when you registered on the website.

    To Opt into Text Messaging

    • Click on Account in the upper right portion of the window
    • Under the Account Info tab, scroll down to "Delivery addresses" and click the Add dropdown box.
    • Choose the Text/SMS Number.
    • Add the phone number, with the area code, and click save.

    To set your Delivery Preferences

    • Click the Delivery Preferences Tab
    • In the OTHER section, select the forms of notification you would like to receive.  

      Please note that due to the early hour, morning delay and closure notifications will not be sent out via phone calls.

    Setting for Delay Closure Notifications



  •  Download the D11 App
    GooglePlay  AppStoreLink