Approval Process for Instructional Materials & Courses

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    *** Click here for strict deadlines for all submissions!***

    First- choose from the list below what applies to you:

    a. I want to submit an approval for a new/edited course 

    b. I want to submit an approval for new instructional material and HAVE NOT investigated the material using the short cycle of innovation option 

    c. I want to submit an approval for new instructional material and HAVE investigated the material using the short cycle of innovation option 

    If you need to submit a short-cycle of innovation request, please email Shantelle Nix with your request

    After above process, the following processes occur:

    Resources Reviewed by Public

    • Materials approved by the Curriculum Committee are available for public review for one-week prior to submission for Board Approval.
    • Public notice of the material approval and review is posted online at, via Channel 16 commercials, and D11 Loop.
    • Parents, community members, and staff may review the items at the Central Administration building or online at and use the Citizens Review Form to record their comments.
    • All comments will become public record.

    Resources Approved by Board

    • Public comments are included with approval recommendations, and presented to the Board.
    • The Board will take action on the recommendation from the Curriculum Committee, and the approved items will be added to the Approved Instructional Materials list.

    Funding Request

    • Submit the Funding Request to the Office of Achievement, Learning, & Leadership for processing.

    Registering Courses with NCAA

    • Curriculum & Instruction submits new courses and course change information to the NCAA ( after board approval.
    • NCAA will review the course documentation and respond directly to Curriculum & Instruction with its decision.
    • The Content Facilitator will coordinate all appeals to the NCAA for unapproved courses.
    • The NCAA approved course listing may be viewed at


    Materials previously approved under a prior copyright may progress through the three (3) steps below:

    1. Complete the Request for Copyright Change Form (with appropriate teacher, department chairperson or principal signatures) and Reader Review Form (Educators and Non-Educator).

    2. Submit the completed forms, Request for Copyright Change Form, Reader Review Forms, Software Instructional Material Approval (SIMA) form (for online or computer based materials), and a complete sample copy of the textbook/kit or support material to the appropriate Content Facilitator (depending on subject - e.g. English, Math, Science, Social Studies, CTE). * This must go to the Content Facilitator first, please do not submit to the Deputy Superintendent.

    3. The Content Facilitator will submit the completed forms and sample materials to the Deputy Superintendent of Achievement, Learning, & Leadership or his designee (Curriculum & Instruction Director) for final review. The Deputy Superintendent of Achievement, Learning, & Leadership may override the adoption process and approve materials that have new copyright dates on materials that have less than a 25% change in content.  The submitter must verify with the vendor about percentage of content changes and supply written documentation clearly stating percent of change.


Approval & Review Forms

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