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     sticky note ALERT: During the 21-22 School Year, K-8 mathematics and 6-8 science must go through a formal Request for Proposal process through our Office of Procurement and Contracting. This means approval requests for K-9 mathematics or 6-8 science will not be reviewed through this School Board approval process. If sites would like a resource considered, the company will need to submit their information during the proposal submission window.


    The Board of Education of School District 11 approves all learning resources (textbooks and related classroom materials) pursuant to Colorado State Statute C.R.S. 22-32-109 (1) (t).

    In order for textbooks, supplemental materials to be approved for use in District 11 they must go through the Instructional Material and Course Approval Process (Policy IJJ/Procedures IJJR). Sites use approved courses and resources only. This process serves as clear documentation that teacher and administrator  can reference should a parent or community member inquire about its use. Through this policy, each book and supplementary material used as a required resource for classroom instruction (not optional as all library books are)  provided, must progress as follows:

    • Resource Identified and Reviewed at School Level
      • Any District 11 employee can identify a textbook or supplemental material that they would like to go through the process in conjunction with principal involvement. First, check to see if the textbook or supplemental material is already on the Approved Instructional Materials List (Staff Sign-in Access Only). Previously approved materials that require copyright updates, may follow the Copyright Change Process . *If the instructional material considered for approval includes an online or computer-based component, you must submit a Happy Fox Ticket for compatibility review by the ITLS department as noted in step 2, (ahead of the approval timeline date). Failure to submit online content or software to theITLS department in a timely manner may delay the submission to a later approval period.
      • Anyone wishing to submit materials  must notify the content facilitator in writing by the date outlined (see Board Submission Timeline). The content facilitator will provide needed request forms and directions on what is needed. In addition to request forms submitted, material will need to be submitted with Reader Review Forms (both educator & non-educator). 


    • Submit the completed request for approval formsReader Review Forms(both educator & non-educator), a sample copy of the textbook or supplemental material, and if applicable an email from ITLS approving use (for online or computer based materials) to the appropriate Content Area Facilitator (depending on subject - e.g. English, Math, Science, Social Studies). *This must go to the Content Facilitator first, please do not submit to Director or Deputy Superintendent without the Content Facilitator signature.
    1. Check for Network Compatibility
    • The Instructional Technology Learning Services Office (ITLS) must test all instructional materials that include an online or computer-based component, for network compatibility. Please submit necessary physical material and information (logins, vendor contact info) to the ITLS representative prior to the Board Submission Timeline due date. *Allow for a minimum of two-weeks before the due date.
    • If this material is to be used for content instruction purposes with student contact and involvement, it must also be submitted to the content facilitator for review. The content facilitator will provide any needed form links. The requestor must also work with the facilitator to provide printed sample materials/login information and/or full access login details. Once materials have been reviewed by ITLS for compatibility the requestor will receive an email outlining their findings/pre-approval, please include a copy to the facilitator.
    1. Resource Reviewed by Content Area Facilitator
    • The content area facilitator will review the material, check for completeness and may preliminarily approve the submission OR submit it to a committee of reviewers to provide feedback on the book or supplemental material if needed. The content area facilitator will then submit the completed forms and sample materials to the Executive Director for School Leadership. The Curriculum Director will complete the final review. Please do not send your materials to the EDSL or Director prior to obtaining a content facilitator signature.
    1. Resources Reviewed by Curriculum Director & Committee
    • The Director of Curriculum & Instruction is responsible for final review of all materials submitted to the Board for official approval. As needed, a Curriculum Committee will convene during the month prior to the board meeting. The committee will review all textbooks and supplementary materials proposed for approval. This takes place twice per year (fall/spring). If needed there will be an optional special approval process. The committee will give a final review of supplemental materials, but will focus more on using rubrics to evaluate the quality and "fit" of each textbook to district needs. The Committee will use several forms of input to determine the ratings for competing textbooks and will recommend, for Board approval, two textbooks per subject area, grade level, or special program. Using a highly effective textbook evaluation form and guiding principles, the highest scoring textbook choices are submitted as the "recommended material". The committee will make recommendations, after considering potential funding streams, which include Use of Supplemental Materials Title I Funds, maintenance cost, additional training fees, substitute costs, training days, estimated professional development costs, additional technology costs, additional FTE's needed, and license renewal costs.
    1. Resources Reviewed by Public
    • Materials approved by the Curriculum Committee are available for public review no later than one-week prior to submission for Board Approval.
    • Public notice of the material approval and review is posted online at, via Channel 16 commercials and other appropriate district-wide communications.
    • Parents, community members, and staff may review the items online at during these review windows and use a Community Review Form link to record their comments.
    • All comments will become public record.
    1. Resources Approved by Board
    • Public comments are included with approval recommendations, and presented to the Board.
    • The Board will take action on the recommendation from the Curriculum Committee, and the approved items will be added to the Approved Instructional Materials list.
    1. Funding Request
    • Submit the Funding Request to the Office of Achievement, Learning, & Leadership for processing.
    1. Registering Courses with NCAA
    • Curriculum & Instruction submits new courses and course change information to the NCAA ( after board approval.
    • NCAA will review the course documentation and respond directly to Curriculum & Instruction with its decision.
    • The Content Facilitator will coordinate all appeals to the NCAA for unapproved courses.






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