ICSS Mission

  • Mission: ICSS utilizes evidence-based curricular resources, instructional practices, and professional supports to ensure rigorous learning outcomes for the District 11 community, resulting in prepared, productive, informed, and engaged citizens.

    Goal: To refine and improve the work processes, information flow and communication of members within our division so the collective efforts are organized, efficient, and effective in helping raise student achievement.
    The degree of alignment between the written, taught and tested curriculum ultimately determines the level of student achievement and success. District 11 Diamond Lessons are exemplary units and lessons that are designed to support a common philosophy: students must be given support to reach the minimal expectations set by the Department of Education, but also must be given opportunities to develop their own, unique strengths, interests and abilities in order to produce productive citizens prepared to succeed and excel in the 21st Century. Our district is focused on developing and refining a guaranteed and viable curriculum.

    Guaranteed Curriculum - what we decide is imperative to teach, a curriculum that we communicate and assure to all groups.
    Viable Curriculum - a curriculum that we can realistically teach during the time we have available during the course of a school year, causing us to focus on what is essential vs. supplemental.

Assistant Superintendent