• We are excited about an awesome year at Achieve Online! Each week you will be able to see the fun and engaging enrichment and club activities we are offering on and off campus in this announcement. If you are interested in attending any of our amazing field trips, please make sure to complete the permission form attached below. You must print, sign, and deliver your permission form to Mr. Smit before attending any off-campus field trips.

    Upcoming Off-Campus Clubs!

    We will be hosting some really fun off-campus clubs in October! Here is a list of those amazing, free opportunities! Don't forget to have your permission form ready and submitted to Mr. Smit if you plan to attend any of these experiences!

    This is our final week before Thanksgiving Break! This week we have lots of fun and engaging activities occurring at Achieve Online. Then we will see you again on Thursday, November 28th. Seniors, See the announcement below from Mr. Smit about an amazing Graduate Ski/Snowboarding Trip coming up soon in Breckenridge.
    Graduate Ski/Snowboarding Trip to Breckenridge


    We have a wonderful opportunity to bring some students up to Breckenridge again this year on Wednesday, February 1st, 2023. Students who attend will get a free skiing or snowboarding lesson from the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC) instructors. Space is limited, so please apply early and keep your grades up to try to reserve your slot on the fieldtrip.


    If you’re interested, please fill out the following:

    1. BOEC Application- CLICK HERE
    2. Achieve Online Application- CLICK HERE
    3. D-11 Club Permission Slip (Sidebar)
    4. D-11 Medical Information Form (Sidebar)



    Please contact Mr. Smit with any questions- joshua.smit@d11.org or (719) 640-4279



    Monday Lab Day

    Art Enrichment and Art Club with Mrs. Crow

    Geek Squad with Mrs. Edling

    Game Club with Mrs. Chantiny

    Chat & Chill Club and Puzzle Club with Mrs. Bammesberger

    Music, Acting, and Filmmaking Club with Ms. McNeill

    Weights and Football with Mr. Wortmann


    Wednesday Lab Day

    Geek Squad with Mrs. Edling

    Meditation and Poetry Workshop with Ms. Goodwin

    Card Games and Rec Club with Mr. Jeffrey

    Game Club with Ms. Cullen

    Art Enrichment and Art Club with Mrs. Crow

    Crochet with Mrs. Buckley

    Weights with Mr. Wortmann

    Music, Acting, & Filmmaking with Ms. McNeill


    Connect with your Homeroom teacher at least once a week. We want to help you be successful!

    Morning check-in is from 8:15-9 at Achieve Online, located at the Roy J. Wasson Campus on Mondays and Wednesdays on lab days.

    Bring a water bottle on lab days.

    Take attendance in each class every day.