• New school start and end times

    D11 is working hard to increase academic outcomes for all students. One way we are increasing academic rigor is by adding 30 minutes of time to all elementary school days and nine minutes of time to all middle and high school days. We know COVID created learning gaps for students all across the country. We owe it to our future leaders to prepare them for life and we are making good on that promise.

    Nuevas horas de inicio y fin de clases

    Q: Why are the school start and/or end times changing?

    A: The D11 Board of Education’s highest priorities are improved academic outcomes for ALL students and increasing student enrollment.  After collaborative negotiations with all three D11 employee groups, starting at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, the Board has agreed to increase the length of the student contact day.  All D11 schools will be making adjustments to meet this board priority. The Board and staff strongly believe this increased instructional time will help close COVID learning gaps, match the length of the student school day to surrounding districts, and help attract more families to our D11 schools. Scheduling will still allow families with students in multiple schools to provide transportation between schools. 

    Q: How much of a change will this be from last school year?

    A: All elementary schools will be adding 30 minutes to the school day. Secondary schools will be making minor adjustments to their schedules to meet the increased contact day requirements. 

    Q: I have children in elementary and middle school. Will this impact my ability to pick them up and drop them off promptly?

    A: These schedule changes have been made with families who have children at different grade levels in mind. These changes do not overlap from elementary, to middle, to high schools. Bus schedules will also provide appropriate and timely transportation to students.