• Need to report an absence? 


    Spark Online Academy records attendance differently than in traditional schools marked by bells and physical presence. Since most of our live instructional sessions are recorded and learning resources and assignments are available 24/7 on Schoology or Seesaw, they can be accessed at alternate times than the scheduled live learning sessions. When a student will miss a scheduled live learning session, they are not excused from the learning or assignments for the time they missed. The flexibility of online learning means that access to learning can be gained anytime and helps ensure there is no missed learning due to a student not being able to attend a live learning session.

    Our attendance documentation includes work submitted and time engaged in Schoology or Seesaw, and Webex attendance logs. Therefore, periodically missing a live session will not impact a student's learning since we use a variety of evidence of attendance. If a student misses live instruction excessively, does not submit evidence of learning, and does not regularly attend Webex learning sessions, a Spark Online Academy attendance plan will be created. As a school of choice, Spark Online may make a determination to transfer a student to their neighborhood school if attendance indicates a lack of success in accessing learning online.

    Please complete the above form whenever your student will not be attending a live learning session. Your student's teachers will be notified and your student will access the learning at an alternate time when they are able. There is no need to call the front office also, as the form responses will be routed to our front office staff.