• Thank you to all Holmes volunteers! Involved families are crucial in supporting our ongoing 5Essentials work. Research from the University of Chicago through their work on the 5Essentials bears this out. In fact, Involved Families is one of five correlated environmental factors known for increasing the likelihood of school improvement.

    We are piloting the Feats of Elevation program from now, until the end of the 2021-22 school year. As we receive feedback on this new pilot program, details may be honed or changed in order to tailor it to the identified needs. We greatly appreciate your participation in these efforts to elevate the Hawk Community!

    Involvement Opportunities

    Along the left side of this webpage are categorized involvement opportunities arranged by time commitment or complexity. Each opportunity has a value for "feet" that can be earned to reach awards at defined "Elevation Points".

    Elevation Points

    Pikes Peak Summit (14,115 feet) = Invite to Volunteer Banquet and Special Edition “Peak Supporter” T-Shirt

    Barr Camp (10,200 feet) =  Invite to Volunteer Banquet and Parent Choice from Large Prize Nest (Prize Nest list coming soon)

    Incline Summit (8,590 feet) = Parent Choice from Small Prize Nest (Prize Nest list coming soon)

    Colorado Springs (6,035 feet) = Volunteer Award Certificate

    How do I record the feet I've earned?

    Each time you complete an opportunity, follow this link to record your feat! We will track your elevation while you continue to elevate the Holmes Hawk Community.