• WebEx (virtual meeting) Standards

    We rely heavily on WebEx to communicate and it serves as a virtual meeting space much like a classroom in a building.  In order to maintain a safe learning environment, respectful and kind behavior standards must be observed.  The following standards and norms are in place to foster learning and equity in our virtual learning environments:

    1. All language and communication will be respectful and appropriate in nature.
    2. All interactions between students, staff, and community members will be appropriate and necessary.
    3. All meeting attendees will be dressed appropriately during meetings.
    4. The functionalities and tools of WebEx are not to be abused or misused. This includes sharing content, chat, Q&A, etc.
    5. All staff and students will encourage positivity and learning; this includes inviting other students to be more involved, respecting individual and group perspectives, and eliminating distractions to learning.  
    6. Disciplinary practices will encourage and enforce these norms. WebEx Protocols for Students
    7. Begin each meeting with your camera on and your microphone off. This will reduce audio feedback and confirm that you are in attendance during synchronous learning.
    8. Students will be oriented with the functions of WebEx as it relates to communicating and engaging with online learning. All meeting attendees will use the functions of WebEx appropriately.
    9. Students will be ready, on time, to learn and be setup in a functional workspace that allows students to focus on learning.
    10. Students will be encouraged to participate in synchronous learning activities and ask questions appropriately.
    11. When the meeting is over, close out the window.