Parents and guardians, please complete the Bootcamp modules, found on the left menu, and complete the activities mentioned in order to better support your student's access to our remote learning plans and instruction!

    Module 1: Remote Learning. What are baseline expectations for students, and how can parents or guardians support meething those expectations?

    Module 2: Communication. Learn about Parent Connect, Blackboard D11 Loop and other Holmes communication tools to stay up to date with what is occuring in your student's classes and our school. Be sure to click on the Parent Connect link and D11 Loop link to set up your accounts and your  notifications to stay in touch with what's going on at Holmes.

    Module 3: Schoology. Learn about the D11 Learning Mangagment System. Set up your parent Schoology account and notifications. Find out how Schoology is a one-stop-shop to monitor your student's progress in their classes.

    Module 4: Technology. Find out what online resources your students will be using, discover what student expectations for successful device usage are and how parents or guardians can support meeting those expectations?

    Module 5: Grading and Attendance Polices. Grading and Attendence are critical components of ensuring our in-person and remote learning are predictale and consistent. Learn about our compentecy-based grading policies and our Habits of Work (HOW) skills rubric.