Teachers Coaching Teachers

    Vision:  The Teachers Coaching Teachers program empowers educators to increase instructional effectiveness to positively impact the whole child.

    Mission:  The Teachers Coaching Teachers program provides personalized, confidential, non-evaluative instructional coaching for educators who seek to improve their teaching practice. 



    For More Information: Nancy.shanklin@d11.org  520-2561 

    TCT Instructional Coaching


    Access a trained and experienced TCT instructional coach for support when you have an instructional goal you would like to achieve.

    National Board Candidate Support

    national board

    Work with other dedicated teachers throughout the Pikes Peak region to pursue the highest teaching credential in the nation (must have 3 years of teaching experience).

    Peer Coaching


    Work with other teachers in your building or across the district on instructional topics of your choice using structured online modules.  Receive pay or credit for work completed outside of contract hours.