• 1115 N. El Paso, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    VISION: The Grants Department is committed to providing exceptional support to D11 and partners in pursuing, developing and managing funding opportunities to achieve the vision, mission and goals of the Strategic Plan, as well as the Academic and Facilities Master Plans.

    MISSION: Assist D11 with funding opportunities for students to pursue learning that continually challenges them to grow and to achieve their personal best. Seek and support opportunities aligning with D11 short-term and long-term needs, improving learning environments, facility conditions and functionality of the District’s schools.

     The Department:

    • Collaborates with D11 staff members/departments, seeking program funding to develop competitive projects and understand application guidelines.
    • Supports vetting of projects with other D11 departments to ensure projects are soundly developed, include all necessary costs, and align with D11’s ongoing Mission.
    • Manages the grants approval and submission process. 
    • Serves as a liaison between major funders and the district. 
    • Assists educators and staff with grant writing and research.

    As the district’s office of grants compliance, the Grants Department is responsible for D11’s Fund 22 – Designated Purpose Grant Funds.


    • Assists project directors and other grant-related staff to adhere to appropriate federal, state, and private grant regulations and guidelines.
    • Oversees financial and programmatic compliance, including appropriate spenddown, re-budgeting, and reporting.
    • Manages the grants financial process including adherence to all State and Federal accounting guidance.