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    The Zones of Regulation (created by Leah Kuypers, 2011) is a tool to help students identify and communicate how they are feeling in a healthy way. It also gives students ideas for how to feel better in a healthy way.

    The tool “Zones of Regulation” involves four phases of alertness and emotion- Blue,Green, Yellow, and Red. Emotions in the Blue zone involve low levels of alertness, like sadness, boredom, or feeling sick. The Green zone is the goal zone for school. Students in the Green zone feel alert, ready to learn, happy, and focused. The Yellow zone is when students have higher levels of alertness, but may be anxious, silly, or frustrated. Students in the Red zone need the most attention, as they might be feeling rage, panic, and any other strong emotion that makes them feel out of control. The Zones of Regulation tool also involves including strategies for specific zones to help students move to the Green zone. For instance, some suggestions for strategies for the red zone might be shredding paper from the recycling bin or box breathing.