Please click on your teachers for more specific information about assignments, office hours, and how to contact them.

    All teachers will have Office Hours during the week.  The intent of Office Hours is for students to be able to either call their teacher, email their teacher, or go to their WebEx Meeting Room to get face-to-face instruction if they need help, need to see a friendly face, or want to chat a bit.  Students do not have to attend all Office Hours.  The Office Hours are their to help the student or the parent.  


    Enrichment Expectations:

    Students must select and complete one Enrichment unit to complete each week (100 points each).  

    • Each unit will take approximately 2 hours to complete (~30 minutes per day).  
    • Students may choose from any of the Enrichment options available: music, drama, physical education & health, art, STEM, and sign language.  
    • Students must satisfactorily complete one unit per week for 70% of the school weeks to earn a passing grade.  
    • Students may complete more than one unit per week as time allows based upon their personal interests  

    Log into Schoology to find information from Electives/Enrichment teacher's assignments.  In the Schoology class, there is a folder that includes a selection of projects for students to choose in order to fulfill the weekley Enrichment requirement for Mann Middle School Distance Learning.

    1. After opening this folder, Click on the Projects "At A Glance" directory.  
    2. Select one project per week.  We expect that each project will take approximately 2 hours or 30 minutes per day to complete.
    3. Once you have selected a project, select the subject folder that applies to your project.   
    4. Click on your chosen project title to see specific directions and resourses needed to complete and "turn-in" your completed project.
    5. If you have questions regarding the project, you may reach out to the supervising teacher listed on the "Projects At A Glance" by email or by calling the teacher during their published office hours.