• Please click on your teachers for more specific information about assignments, office hours, and how to contact them.


    All students will receive a meeting invitation in their school email account inviting them to a Morning Meeting. The intent of the Morning Meeting is for you to be able to connect with not only your teachers, but with other students, as well.  You can turn off the video feature if you don't want others to see your face 🙂  Please log into the Morning Meetings.  I think you all will greatly benefit from them.  If you have your iPad, the app (Cisco WebEx Meet) should have been pushed out to you.  If you don't have your iPad and are using a personal tablet or phone, please download the app.  You log in with your district email.


    Below is a recommended schedule for students to follow.  All teachers will have Office Hours during the week.  The intent of Office Hours is for students to be able to either call their teacher, email their teacher, or go to their WebEx Meeting Room to get face-to-face instruction if they need help, need to see a friendly face, or want to chat a bit.  Students do not have to attend all Office Hours.  The Office Hours are their to help the student or the parent.  

Mann 6th Grade Recommended Schedule