• Dear Career Pathways Families,

    Starting on Wednesday, April 1st, students will begin their distance learning instruction via online delivery. Many of our staff have gone above and beyond to support student success and this migration to distance learning. Our distance learning model is developed to reflect what colleges and universities are doing, as to hold true to our early college school status. As you know, Career Pathways distance learning will be a combination of synchronous (live web conferencing, live chat rooms, etc.) and asynchronous (recorded video lesson, discussion board, self-paced assignments, etc.) learning. As we prepare for starting class this week, we would like you to be aware of the following:

    • Synchronous learning: involves showing up to class at a specific time for live-streamed lectures or demonstrations.  The purpose of these meetings is twofold.  It allows students to interact in a fashion similar to normal classroom content delivery and will allow instructors to deliver social-emotional learning check-ins to support mental health wellbeing. Sessions will be delivered two days a week per instructor for no more than 45 minutes per session. Instructors will be tracking attendance, but students are not mandated to attend. Live streaming will be recorded for students to view as needed.
    • Asynchronous learning: involves self-paced activities and learning that does not require students showing up at a specific time.  Asynchronous learning days will occur two days a week per instructor.  This method of delivery allows students to design their learning schedule and spend more time on challenging areas to work towards mastery of content. It also allows students to reach out for help when they need it and work with the material at a deeper level before sharing it with the instructor or peers. Login attendance will be monitored to make sure students are actively working on content-specific assignments.  
    • Student workdays: will be every Monday. This day is designated for students to prepare for the coming week, check their D11 student emails, communicate with instructors, and work on assignments. There will be no scheduled synchronous events.  It is a self-paced learning day for all students.

    Instructors will be using their chosen Learning Management Systems (Schoology, Microsoft Teams, D2L) as their digital hub to post announcements, assignments, due dates, links, and documentation or content related to their instruction. Students should check their teachers Learning Management System on a daily basis.  Whole school or class communication emails will be sent to D11 students on Mondays, as to avoid a barrage of emails during the school week. To help prepare for school next week, please use this next section to plan a bell schedule.

    • We will be using the Wednesday bell schedule daily for planning synchronous class times. This will allow students to have a later start time, yet keep a similar schedule. Here is the bell schedule:













    3 & 4




    • Synchronous learning days for specific classes will happen on different days of the week. Please use the information below to plan.
      • Business & Marketing- Tuesday and Thursday
      • Future Educator- Tuesday and Thursday
      • Hospitality and Tourism- Tuesday and Thursday
      • Information Technology- Tuesday and Thursday
      • Visual & Design Arts- Wednesday and Friday
      • Journalism- Wednesday and Friday
      • Science- Wednesday and Friday
      • Automotive- Wednesday and Friday
    • Asynchronous learning for courses will be on the days that class is not scheduled to meet synchronously.
    • Example student schedule:



    Synchronous Learning Day

    Tuesday and Thursday class start times

    Wednesday and Friday class Start Times


    Business & Marketing

    Tuesday and Thursday




    Core classes






    Visual & Design Arts

    Wednesday and Friday




    We understand that these schedules might conflict with students home high school distance learning methods. To help with this, Career Pathways instructors have office hours, will record and post all live meetings on a secure website (LMS) and work with students and families to accommodate as best as possible.

    Career Pathways instructors will be contacting all their students and families via phone on Tuesday, March 31st.  Automotive students will be contacted this Thursday or Friday by our new fulltime automotive instructor, Brad McFee! They will be using this time to connect with you, listen to your concerns, help connect you with resources, provide you directions, reassurance, and hope.  All other instructors will be emailing you directions for their courses to student D11 addresses. If you have any questions or concerns you need addressed, please use this link to our staff directory. You will find staff emails, website links, and direct phone numbers. Click on the instructor to view all their information.

    If you wish have any direct questions answered, you may reach out to our Career Career Pathways counselor, Leilani Mullins at:

    Email – leilani.mullins@d11.org

    Phone – (719)328-2053

    Google Hangout/Zoom/Webex – leilani.mullins@d11.org

    Twitter - @MissMullinsD11

    Instagram - @miss.mullins_school.counselor

    Our goal is to support our Career Pathways families with quality education during this unquestionably difficult time.  Thank you for your continued partnership and trust.



    Sean Norman


    Odyssey Early College and Career Options