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  • Dear Mann Middle School Families,


    Thank you for your patience as we continue to develop a plan for engaging your students in distance learning in the upcoming weeks. I know that there have been many questions asked about what this process will look like, what support students will receive, and how will we address challenges when they arise.  These are all valid questions, and I can’t promise you that I know all of the answers right now.  What I can promise is that the staff at Mann Middle School is doing their very best to ensure that your students have a valuable learning experience during this difficult time.  We have been working nonstop behind the scenes to make sure we are ready for the “official” kick off for distance learning tomorrow morning (April 7). Each day starts with a scheduled Morning Meeting.  Please make sure your students joins, as this is how we will track “attendance.”

    • We have created a Distance Learning channel on our Mann Middle School webpage.  Please visit d11.org/Mann to connect to all of our online resources.  There is a link to each grade level team, the counseling team, D11 resources, and community resources.  On our Distance Learning channel, you will also find the link for Schoology, our online learning platform, as well as links to your student’s text books.  Each grade level team has posted their suggested learning schedule, along with office hours for when each teacher can be reached.
    • Our staff has been making the effort to make personal contact with 100% of families with students attending Mann Middle School.  D11 has tasked us with reaching out to all of our families to gauge their current needs.  Please respond to your student’s teacher when they call.  If a phone call does not fit into your schedule, please shoot a quick email or text.  We want to check in!
    • My letter last week created some confusion about how students would improve 3rd quarter grades.  I apologize for any hardships it has caused.  Please refer to the attached 4th Quarter Grading Practices document that outlines expectations for participation in distance learning, as well as how 4th quarter grades will be determined.  Please email me directly if you have specific questions.
    • Every student at Mann Middle School has access to a iPad for distance learning.  Today, I retrieved that last of the devices from the school to ensure they were ready for distribution.  Mrs. Sanchez has been disinfecting and preparing devices for distribution.  She will be contacting the remaining few students who need iPads in the next two days to let you know when we will be available to distribute the devices. This will likely be the last opportunity for your student to obtain a device.  Please make every possible effort to pick up at the appropriate time. If you still need to sign paperwork, she will have paperwork available at the pickup site.
    • For those students who have indicated that they do not have internet service at home, we will be mailing paper copies of assignments home to students.  Hard copies of assignments will also be mailed to families who have not yet responded to the phone calls made by Mann staff last week.  We are operating under the assumption that your family does not have internet at home until we hear otherwise.  As you can imagine, mailing assignments is not a simple or inexpensive task.  If you have internet access and have not yet responded to the phone calls made by your student’s teachers, please do so immediately.
    • If your student has an individualized learning plan, his or her case manager is working to develop an Interim Service Plan to help support with learning during this time.  Your case manager will be contacting you as needed with additional information.  If you have a scheduled IEP meeting in the coming weeks, our support team will work with you to ensure that the process occurs remotely and as smoothly as possible. Students who receive interpretation services in our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program will still be able to access online learning with the support of our interpreter team.


    I want to thank you for your partnership as well all tackle this new “normal” for schooling and online learning.  From my own experiences with my own children at home, I know this job is not easy.  Please know that we understand your need for flexibility during this time, and we are all here to help in any way that we can.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have questions or concerns (719) 328-2302.  Once again, I am thankful to have each of you as part of our Lancer Family.  #LancerPride




    Leah Segura


    Mann Middle School

    (719) 328-2302 office






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