• Letter to Parents and Students

      Dear Columbia Elementary Families,

      • This is one way that I will offer learning and fitness opportunities for Physical Education, K-5th Grade. Try your best to get 30 minutes of healthy and fun movement in each day. It's not just great for your body, but perfect for you brain.
      • The next page is full of activity ideas gathered from multiple PE sources and teachers from all over the world! They include activities from dance to gymnastics and yoga to fitness, etc.
      • If you'd like, keep track of any minutes that you do a physical activity (even if it's riding your bike or going for a hike) and send that with maybe a picture to Mrs. White (katie.white@d11.org).
      • Any time your heart is beating faster than resting on the couch, you get to count your minutes. Some ideas that are not on the following pages, but are: biking, hiking, playing a sport (by yourself or with a sibling), running around the backyard or neighborhood. Any activity counts!
      • I'll continue to add fun new opportunities as I find them AND I'll keep making new challenge videos too and attach them to this page.

      I miss you all!

      Stay Strong and Keep Moving,

      Mrs. White