Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Angel "Manny" Ramos

Originally from Puerto Rico, our family moved to Florida when I was very young.  I grew up in South Florida until I joined the military in 1989 where I served 4 years in the Coast Guard and another 4 in the Army.  My last tour of duty was Ft. Carson, that's how I wound up in Colorado.  That was back in 1993.  I fell in love with this place and have been here ever since.  

After my military career, I began school at University of Southern Colorado, now CSU Pueblo, where I majored in fine arts with a minor in education.  I began working at CSSD11 in 2004 and have been working with middle schoolers for most of my career. This is my second year at West M.S.  Art has been a part of my life since I was a child and I love sharing what I've gained from the arts with our students.  My focus is two dimensional media including: drawing, watercolors, inking, and painting in acrylics and oils.  

My hobbies include art, woodturning, photography, scuba diving, traveling, golfing, and hiking just to name a few.  I often bring some of the things I do in my personal life in the classroom so students can see how what they are learning may apply in real life. I feel it's imp[ortant for students to make a connection between school and the real world so they can see how professionals use the techniques they are learning in their careers.