• Welcome to Games to Teach! This is an online class and as such, there will be no physical meetings. It is designed as a 5 week course (approximately three hours per week). However, the class is self-paced, so it can be completed in fewer than 5 weeks. All assignments and instruction will be delivered through Schoology. Secondary teachers can log in to Schoology using your d11 email and password. Follow this link to sign in. Elementary school teachers will need to make accounts, to do this use this link.


    The join code for this class is V44J-3ZXG-QV2QW. If you need help joining a course I have made this short instructional video


    Graduate credit is available through Adam's State University for $55. Registration can be completed online, and a link will be provided. If you do not want graduate credit, D11 increment credit is also available for $50.


    The instructor fee for this class is $45, and can be paid using the paypal link below.



  • $45 Instructor Fee