• School Accountability Committee (SAC)


    2019-2020 Meetings

    September 6

    October 11

    November 1

    January 10

    February 7

    March 6

    April 3

    May 1

    @ 7:45 - 8:45 AM ,

    in Room 154

  • You can impact the Trailblazer community and make a difference in the academic achievement of each Learner.  School Accountability Committee (SAC) members are active in improving school safety, test scores, and growth.

    SAC is comprised of parents, teachers, staff and community members who make recommendations to the Trailblazer principal regarding the spending of the school budget and school performance.  SAC offers you an opportunity to speak to the success of the Learners at Trailblazer.  There is no fundraising or cost to be a part of the SAC.

    Everyone is welcome to attend SAC meetings.  Each month there is a new agenda, discussing items such as achievements, test scores, planning, and school budget.  During meetings, SAC members ask about school progress and follow up on improvement plans.  

    For more information, please contact the SAC Chairperson

                Lisa Ruman - lisaruman@gmail.com