• Gifted and Talented Program
    ​Maximizing Achievement for Gifted Students

    Contact: Doherty Gifted Resource Teacher (GRT)
    Name: Sue Keller
    Email: mary.keller@d11.org
    Phone: 719-328-7178
    Address: 4515 Barnes Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
    Office: Room #213


    What We Believe

    Vision: Maximize achievement for all gifted students.

    Mission:  Colorado Springs School District 11 is committed to providing challenging experiences for all learners that build on individual strengths and optimize academic potential. We provide instructional and afffective support and encourage appropriate programming opportunities for highly able students. Our goal is to collaborate with parents, students, and staff in a variety of levels and content areas. We also work side by side with departments such as Counseling, ELL, and Special Education to ensure that all of our populations in gifted education are appropriately and effectively served.

    The Mission of the Gifted and Talented Department is to support gifted and talented students in achieving their academic, social-emotional, and creative-productive potential by providing an appropriate learning environment based on best practices in gifted education.

    Guiding Principles: We, as the Gifted and Talented Department:definiton

    * Promote high academic achievement for each student

    * Seek meaningful and challenging learning experiences

    * Facilitate talent developmentgifted words

    * ​Encourage social and emotional growth

    * Support future planning

    * Develop habits of good citizenship ​