• Coronado High School Attendance Policies


  • 2020-2021 Coronado Remote Learning Attendance Policy

    Students are expected to log on to Schoology and WebEx each school day at the beginning of each assigned period. Please refer to the new Coronado Bell Schedule for days and times. Attendance will still be marked in Q as present or absent.

    Similar to prior years, if an absence is not excused, teachers do not have to give missed work. Parents are urged to call our attendance office at 719-328-3613 to excuse an absence.

    Attendance Policy for 100% Remote Learning

    Attendance will be taken through the teacher’s WebEx session. Like in-person learning, students are required to stay on the WebEx session and Schoology course page the whole class period or until the teacher dismisses them.

    Although some teachers do not always have a WebEx session, these teachers will make their attendance policy for these days clear on their Schoology pages for the parents and students.

    If there is are any issues with attendance, the parent, not the student, needs to call or email the teacher regarding this problem. This needs to be done within 48 hours so the teacher can go back through Schoology to fix these issues.

    Attendance Policy for Hybrid Learning

    In-person learners- Attendance will be taken as normal.

    Asynchronous learners- Teachers will clearly state their attendance policies to students for asynchronous learners during hybrid learning.

    Please call our Dean of Attendance, Ricky Lobato at 328-3644 if you have any additional questions.

    Why is school attendance so important?

    • One criterion of a student's success in school is regular and punctual (on-time) attendance.
    • Frequent absences and/or tardies often lead to academic struggles.
    • Your future employers want employees they can count on. Regular, punctual attendance is a life skill. You will use these skills for the rest of your life.
    • Practice these life skills now!


    2020-2021 Coronado In-Person Learning Attendance Policy

    What is the Colorado Compulsory Attendance Law?

    This law mandates (requires) regular and punctual school attendance. It also states that it is the obligation of every parent/guardian to ensure that every child under his/her care and supervision has regular, punctual attendance. 

    (UNEXCUSED ABSENCES) Make-up work does not have to be given to students who have an unexcused absence

    (EXCUSED ABSENCES) Make-up work must be given to a student who has an excused absence. Students must be given a minimum of one day to turn in make-up work

    Students under the age of 17:

    • At 28 hours (4 days), in a 30 day period, unexcused class absences the truancy court process will begin by the filing of an Initial Notice with the courts. The Initial Notice (legal paperwork from courts) will be issued to the student and their parents/guardians.
    • The Initial Notice is not a court date but rather a compliance date by which the student must be attending regularly. If the student attends regularly by the compliance date on the Initial Notice, and thereafter, they will not proceed to truancy court. If the student does not attend regularly by the compliance date on the Initial Notice, and thereafter, a truancy court date will be requested.

    Students 17 years of age and older:

    • Truancy Court is not an option for students 17 and older but regular, punctual attendance is still required.
    • If the student is 17 or older, and not attending regularly, he/she will meet with an administrator and be placed on a Student Attendance Contract.
    • If a student is placed on a Student Attendance Contract and continues to have attendance issues, he/she will be given a Pre-Drop Letter.
    • The Pre-Drop Letter explains to the student and their parent/guardian, that they must be attending regularly by a given date, and thereafter, or they will be dropped from Coronado for the remainder of the school year. What are the consequences of not attending school regularly 

    Consequences for Chronic Absences:

    • At 56 hours (8 days) of EXCUSED ABSENCES, the student will be placed on ATTENDANCE MONITORING. ATTENDANCE MONITORING means that in order for any future absences to be excused medical documentation and/or other professional documentation (therapist, court, etc) must be provided to the Attendance Office and/or Mr. Lobato.
    • If this required documentation is not provided the absences will be UNEXCUSED. If a student accrues unexcused absences, the above consequences will be given. How can I avoid accruing unexcused absences?
    • Parents/guardians excuse absence through the Attendance Office within 48 hours (per School Board Policy). The Attendance office numbers are (328-3613) or (328-3618).
    • Provide medical and/or other professional documentation when appropriate. 

    Pre-arranged Absence Request:

    • If you are planning an absence of 3 days or longer, please request a Pre-Arranged Absence Form the Attendance Office. After the form is completed you must get Administrator approval. This form MUST BE COMPLETED AND APPROVED PRIOR TO YOUR ABSENCE.

    What happens if I am tardy?

    • Students who come into class, within the first 10 minutes, will be marked as tardy.
    • Students who come into class after the first 10 minutes will be marked as absent. (School Board Policy).
    • Chronic tardiness will result in consequences such as Parent contact, Lunch Detention, and InSchool Suspension. If the tardy problem persists after the above consequences then students will face Out-of-School Suspension for Insubordination/Defiance which is a DISCIPLINE issue.

    What intervention steps can I expect if I begin to have attendance/tardy issues? 

    • The student will be placed on a STUDENT ATTENDANCE CONTRACT which clearly states the consequences for continued attendance/tardy issues
    • Meetings with Mr. Lobato, your Counselor, and/or an Administrator-to monitor your progress
    • District 11 Truancy Review Board at the Office of Student Support and Engagement, student & parent/guardian must both attend.
    • ATTENDANCE MONITORING means that in order for any future absences to be excused medical documentation and/or other professional documentation (therapist, court, etc) must be provided to the Attendance Office and/or Mr. Lobato.
    • Attendance consequences carry over from the first semester to the second semester. 
    • If the interventions above have been tried, and a student continues to have attendance/tardy issues, it becomes a DISCIPLINE (Insubordination/Defiance) issue.
    • In these situations, students will be assigned Out-of-school suspensions of 1 day, 3 days and 5 days. After this point, if defiance and insubordination continue the student will be referred to the D11 Office of Student Support and Engagement for an expulsion hearing.

    If you should have any questions contact Ricky Lobato-Dean of Attendance at 719-328-3644 or ricky.lobato@d11.org.