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     Character education is an important aspect of education

     School choice: lifeline for kids trapped in failing schools

    Health Care


     Medicare Exchange to make Medicare system competitive


    Pursue embryonic stem cell research.

     Promote adoption & abstinence, not abortion clinic referrals.

    Stem Cell Research

     Pursue embryonic stem cell research.

     HSAs (savings) & HRAs (reimbursements) to replace ObamaCare

    Assisted Suicide

     No but the agree with life support

     No but the agree with life support

    Affirmative Action

     Stop activist judges from banning Pledge & Ten Commandments.

     Stop activist judges from banning Pledge & Ten Commandments.

    Gun Control

     Reauthorize assault weapons ban, close gun show loophole

     No frivolous gun lawsuits, no gun licensing No frivolous gun lawsuits, no gun licensing

    Death Penalty

     Support the death penalty

     Support the death penalty


     Dry up drug demand via more enforcement plus more treatment.

     Aggressively pursue drug kingpins; include death penalty.

    Civil Rights (all)

     Keep marriage at state level; no federal gay marriage ban.

     States should not recognize gay marriage from other states

    Gay Marriage/rights

     OpEd: Make common cause with pro-family Hispanics.

     OpEd: Make common cause with pro-family Hispanics.


     Energy independence to avoid dealing with repressive regimes

     Cap-and-trade market-based air pollution reductions.


     Path for undocumented aliens to earn citizenship.

     Only legal immigrants, through tightly controlled borders


     Change tax system to not encourage shipping jobs overseas.

     ObamaCare slows employment growth; discourages fulltime work

    Social Security

     Bar practice of keeping retirement funds in company stock. (Jul 2004)

     Make retirement saving options voluntary, portable, & secure


    Line in the sand: protect entitlements (but it needs reform)

    56% oppose raising taxes on earnings over $250,000.

    Technology/Net Neutrality

    Electronic bill of rights will protect privacy & kids.

    Competitive & innovative nternet access instead of FCC rules

    Campaign Finance Reform

    Meaningful campaign finance reform to restore public trust.

    OpEd: Voter ID reduces Dem turnout by 8% and GOP by 3%.

    Free Trade

    Review all trade agreements; investigate China rights abuses

    Open closed markets to create opportunity & spread freedom.


    I could not fing any documented caussis

    I could not fing any documented caussis


    PART 2: (10 points) Write a 1 paragraph summary below that explains which political party you agree with the most.  Make sure you justify your choice with how the party views the issues.

    I am pro democrat  and the reason is  they support the  public school system. 

    PART 3: (110 points)

    1. Choose ONE of your national representatives:

    President:  Donald Trump.

    CO Senators:  Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet

    Colorado Springs Representative:  Douglas Lamborn


    1. Choose 3 issues that matter the most to you and research what that representative has said about the issue and how they have voted/what they have done regarding it. Use the following site: http://www.issues2000.org/Issues.htm and any additional information you find.


    1. In 1-3 paragraphs, describe the representative’s stance on your 3 most important issues (90 points) and whether or not you would vote for him based upon his position (20 points).






    I am going to pick the president of the USA Donald trump and the three issues that I am going to pick are as follows heath care, immigration, and Education.


    Here is a quote from president trump on heath care 

    (President Donald Trump and his advisers have been talking about an Obamacare repeal and          replacement plan, and making blanket statements about what it would entail, for nearly two years. In     his recent speech to Congress, Trump cast his presidency as one of promises made and promises kept. And he and his aides have made plenty of promises about healthcare.)



    Here is a quote from president trump on immigration

    Just a short time ago, I had the honor of presiding over the swearing in of five new great American citizens. It was a beautiful ceremony and a moving reminder of our nation's proud history of welcoming legal immigrants from all over the world into our national family. I told them that the beauty and majesty of citizenship is that it draws no distinctions of race or class or faith or gender or background. All Americans whether first generation or tenth generation are bound together in love and loyalty, friendship and affection. We're all equal. We are one team and one people proudly saluting one great American flag.





    “To help support working parents, the time has come to pass school choice for America’s children.”The president did not mention any other issue about education policy — including the recommendations of his federal school safety commission headed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. But the secretary issued a statement in support of Trump’s school choice comment. At seven sentences, it was about seven times as long as Trump’s comment:



    to be  honest I would  put president trump back to the president  back in power the reason is he is doing as well  as  I can remember with other presidents of the past