• Mann Counseling Referral Form

    Students who wish to speak to a member of the Counseling Department can use the link below to complete the form to send a request for an appointment. The student will then be contacted.

    Counseling Request Form

  • Counseling Department MISSION Statement

    The mission of Mann Middle School is to establish an environment in which students attain their highest academic potential, with focus on the whole child.  The mission will be accomplished through academic rigor and growth mindset, within a standards-based, data-driven program.  All students will have equitable access to a comprehensive counseling program, which will emphasize discipline and grit.

    Counseling Department VISION Statement 

    The vision of the Mann Counseling Department is to help every student to reach full potential, through necessary life skills and academic success, to become productive and responsible citizens.  Our students demonstrate the mindset necessary to become critical thinkers in a culturally responsive manner to develop work-force readiness.


    As school counselors, we value building relationships and recognize that a huge component of this involves trust.  Therefore, most information shared with us is confidential. It is important to note, however, that confidentiality must be broken in the following situations:
    -If a student reports that they are being or have been harmed by someone
    -If a student reports that they plan to harm someone or have harmed someone
    -If a student reports that they have or are planning to harm himself or herself

  • MANN Counselors Provide:

  • Programs Provided

Text To Talk


    Cheryl Stueve


             (719) 328-2308

     Counselor - Special Education

            (719) 328-3361

    Community Liaison

    Jodi Shields  (719) 328-2314


         Janet Lopez  (719) 328-2312