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     What an intense time we are living in!  I want you all to be safe and healthy.  Do all the recommended safety precautions...don't blow them off!  Your teachers will have assignments listed in the near future.  I will be available to help you, as well, if there are items you have difficulty with.  Please contact me at 719-322-7412 should you need anything. 


    If you can text me or one of your teachers your phone/text number, it would be greatly appreciated!  Again, my number is 719-322-7412. 


    Another item - if you have free or reduced lunch through the school district, the Wasson campus has bagged lunches for pick-up during the week (11:00 am to 12:30 pm).


    Thank you, wonderful Bijou students...looking forward to seeing you again!




    Goals for High Schoolers in the Social/Emotional Area
    includes the ability to:

    • See the connections between current tasks and their personal goals and interests; reflect on their personal aspirations, goals, and objectives (self-awareness).

    • Develop skills for focusing attention, managing stress and anxiety, and accomplishing goals in order to effectively participate in classroom learning (self-management).

    • Develop empathy and perspective-taking in their thinking processes (social awareness).

    • Develop speaking and listening skills for presentations and learn to collaborate in groups where they are encouraged to consider the perspectives and thought processes of their peers (relationship skills).

    • Use oral, artistic, and written expression to reflect on choices and goals as a way of developing strong decision-making skills (responsible decision-making).


    Check out the Community Resources by clicking on the link below.  If there are other resources needed than what are listed, please contact me at 719-322-7412, so I can explore those needs with you.

    Community Resources


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    Parents and Students: Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or have any needs that you feel are not being addressed.