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    We are in 3rd Quarter and a lot of students are scheduled to reach their graduation requirements by the end of this quarter.  25 students finished by the end of last quarter!  Students - attend school, do your work, and the credits come pouring out each quarter!  You may reach grad requirements by this quarter and run the tunnel in celebration!  I can hear the Bijou Bell ringing for you!

    Please communicate with the office, our counselors, teachers, or me, should you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns.  We are here for you!


    Goals for High Schoolers in the Social/Emotional Area
    includes the ability to:

    • See the connections between current tasks and their personal goals and interests; reflect on their personal aspirations, goals, and objectives (self-awareness).

    • Develop skills for focusing attention, managing stress and anxiety, and accomplishing goals in order to effectively participate in classroom learning (self-management).

    • Develop empathy and perspective-taking in their thinking processes (social awareness).

    • Develop speaking and listening skills for presentations and learn to collaborate in groups where they are encouraged to consider the perspectives and thought processes of their peers (relationship skills).

    • Use oral, artistic, and written expression to reflect on choices and goals as a way of developing strong decision-making skills (responsible decision-making).


    Check out the Community Resources by clicking on the link below.  If there are other resources needed than what are listed, please contact me at 719-322-7412, so I can explore those needs with you.

    Community Resources


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    Parents and Students: Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or have any needs that you feel are not being addressed.