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Mrs. Romberg

Hi Carver,

I already miss you!

Please write me! Tell me how you are doing and ask any questions you like, about me or art. Let me know if any of my we links aren't working. I would love to see any drawings or art you make. I also have home fun assignments. Remember many great artists started when they were stuck at home, we have talked about Frida Kahlo, and Monet. 


I'm going through every link now to see if it works, and I will add more. If you visit a link write me and give it a review, or send me a cell phone photo of your art!


More to come

Mrs. Romberg






Summer of 2019

I saw turtles! Yes I am excited! My daughter and I went to the National Seashore in Texas this summer. While we were there the National Parks cooperated with Mexico to hatch a special kind of sea turtle that has been going extinct. The park rangers and scientists collect the turtle eggs right after the mother turtle lays them. They are put in a special incubator, and when they hatch they are released. The scientist have found that many more turtles will live if they collect the eggs. The baby turtles look like oreo's with flippers they are so little. 


I saw a full grown turtle in the waves when I was swimming. I was very excited about that too! To learn more about the Kemp Ridley sea turtle see the web link on the links page. 


I am excited about teaching art this year! We have a kiln! We will do clay! Is that enough exclaimation points? 




About me:

I love looking at art. It is even more exciting to see art in progress...something that never existed before as students are creating it.

I started painting with oil paint in 6th grade. My parents were very patient with me. My Dad had to clean the oil paint off the carpet when my dog Suzi got into my paints. Suzi for some reason loved oil paint and would get it on her paws and her schnauzer beard! 

I went to college to study to be an artist and an art teacher. I took classes in photography, art history, metal smithing, ceramics, drawing, painting, printmaking, and design. During, my first teaching job in 1977,  I went to 7 different schools and saw approximately 850 different students. I seldom had a room and had to teach off a cart of supplies, set-up, teach, clean-up and leave, often under 35 minutes. 

So you have a math problem. How many years have I been teaching if I started in 1977?