• Here at Carver, we are using “Time to Teach” as our classroom management program. This is a school-wide program that benefits all students by keeping distractions to a minimum in order to keep learning at its maximum. For Time to Teach, we will introduce three essential questions to the class to help guide behaviors. They are…

    1. Can the teacher teach?
    2. Can you, the student, learn?
    3. Can all the students learn?

    If the answer to any of the above questions is a “no,” then we will do what is called a start-up or a shutdown. A start-up is when we ask a student politely to do what we would like them to do in order to continue the learning. A shutdown is when we politely ask a student to stop a certain behavior.

    When students do not do what they are asked, we send them to do something called a Refocus (K-2, 3-5). They will have to fill out a sheet with four simple questions. They are…

    1. What was your behavior?
    2. What did you want?
    3. What will you do next time?
    4. Are you ready to return to class?

    The goal is to keep the learning going at all times.