• Dr. Michelle Hollenbeck

    Dear Carver Families,

          Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! I am excited to return as Carver’s principal, and I anticipate another successful year! PTA continues to work to bridge a partnership with the Carver staff, families, and community. After all, our Carver students deserve the very best!

     If you are new to PTA, here are the standards:

    PTA’s National Standards for Family-School Partnerships

    Standard 1: Welcoming all families into the school community—Families are active participants in the life of the school, and feel welcomed, valued, and connected to each other, to school staff, and to what students are learning and doing in class.

    Standard 2: Communicating effectively—Families and school staff engage in regular, two-way, meaningful communication about student learning.

    Standard 3: Supporting student success—Families and school staff continuously collaborate to support students’ learning and healthy development both at home and at school, and have regular opportunities to strengthen their knowledge and skills to do so effectively.

    Standard 4: Speaking up for every child—Families are empowered to be advocates for their own and other children, to ensure that students are treated fairly and have access to learning opportunities that will support their success.

    Standard 5: Sharing power—Families and school staff are equal partners in decisions that affect children and families and together inform, influence, and create policies, practices, and programs.

    Standard 6: Collaborating with community—Families and school staff collaborate with community members to connect students, families, and staff to expanded learning opportunities, community services, and civic participation.

          Don’t forget about our monthly Second Cup of Coffee meetings. These meetings (technically our School Accountability Committee meetings) follow a similar format each month: introductions, guest speaker, school data, and parent/community input. Traditionally, these meetings happen on the first Friday of the month (8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.).

          Carver’s staff believes that all students can be successful. This belief drives our work every day. Our Mission and Vision statements reflect our dedicated commitment to our Carver students:

          Carver Elementary Mission Statement:
    As a staff, we will collaborate with each other and work closely with students to set high expectations, support goal setting, and celebrate success in a safe and supportive academic environment.

          Carver Elementary Vision Statement:
    Carver provides a safe, fun-loving, high-achieving community that values inspiration, creativity, and teamwork for life-long learning.

    I am truly honored to lead such an outstanding school community, and I look forward to another great school year! Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or input at any time.

    It’s a great day to be a Carver Cougar!

    Michelle “Missy” D. Hollenbeck, Ed.D.

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