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Ms. Wright

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6th Grade: 

 Our goal is for your student to be able to use a digital camera to create effective compositions using different modes and photography techniques and then use Adobe Photoshop to edit photos in a variety of different ways. We will address the roll photos play in history and present-day life.  

7th Grade: 

Our goal is to understand the difference between art and graphic design and how to use Adobe Photoshop to create both. We will address how to create depth in our work and make the extraordinary seem like it is ordinary in our images.  

8th Grade:  

Our goal is for students to understand why and when vector graphics are used and to use Adobe Illustrator to create both art and graphic design. We will address the essentials of composition, the effectiveness of successful logos, and tackle Illustrator’s most difficult tool! 


Please feel free to email me with any concerns you may have.




    CANVAS- to sign in, press the Google  sign and enter your D11 email and password

    GOOGLE DRIVE-Where your documents should be for assignments in Canvas


    Most of the assignments we do will be on Canvas or with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.