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    Activities for the Week of  May


     Math Exemplar (For Critical Thinkers)


    Counting Corners

    Renee puts 6 green pattern blocks on her table and counts all the pattern-block corners. Charlotte puts 5 red pattern blocks on her table and counts all the pattern-block corners.

    Renee says Charlotte will count more corners. Charlotte says they will count the same number of corners. Who is correct?

    Show all your mathematical thinking.


              To check your answers click here: 

    Counting Corners Answer Key


     Emoji Pictionary Puzzle Fun!

    Can you guess the title of the book from the Emoji chain?

    Some are trickier than others, so be patient. 

    Emoji Puzzle  

         🐻🐻?👀 There are two brown bears a question mark and some eyes.
         = Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?
         👦🍑 There is a boy and a very large peach.
         = James and the Giant Peach

      Post a photo of you with one of the puzzle books! ⇐Padlet Link

     Once you have finished the puzzle, create your own Emoji chain for a well know children's book title.  Email this to your teacher to see if she can figure it out!  

    You can find lots of Emojis when you are on your D11 email (firstname.lastname@d11.org).  Click on "New Message" and then click on the yellow smiley face at the bottom and then click on the word "Emojis". There are several categories to click on below that.  There are dozens of Emoji choices.  You can even type in a key word to search for something.  Have fun! 




    School Days

    Memory Book for 2nd Grade


    Click on the link below to print, color, write, and fold or cut your 2nd Grade memory book!

    Have FUN! 😊

                               School Days