• Math Classes               English Classes                           Science Classes

    Pre-Algebra I                    English 2                                  Environmental Science 1

    Pre-Algebra II                   English 3                                 Environmental Science II

    Consumer Math I             English 4                                 Physical Science / Earth / Space I

    Consumer Math II            English 5                                 Physical Science / Earth / Space II

    Algebra I                            English 6                                 Biology I

    Algebra II                           English 7                                 Biology II

    Algebra III                          English 8                                 Astronomy and Space I

    Algebra IV                         Mythology                               Geology I

    Geometry I                        Career Literacy                       Forensic Science I

    Geometry II                                                                         General Chemistry I



    Social Studies Classes                        Business Classes                             *GradPoint English Classes

    Issues of the 21st Century                Introduction to Business                English 1: (4 outside assignments)

    Economics                                                                                                                English 2: (5 outside assignments)

    US Government                                                                                                      English 3: (5 outside assignments)

    Sociology                                                                                                                  English 4: (5 outside assignments)

    American West                                                                                                       English 5: (5 outside assignments)

    American Pop Culture                                                                                        English 6: (3 outside assignments)

    US History 3                                                                                                            English 7: (5 outside assignments)

    US History 4                                                                                                            English 8: (4 outside assignments)



    *GradPoint Math Classes        *GradPoint Social Studies                            *GradPoint GradPoint Science Classes:

    Algebra I                                           Economics                                                                               Biology I

    Algebra II                                          World Geography 1                                                              Biology II

    Algebra III                                         World Geography 2                                                              Chemistry I

    Algebra IV                                        U.S. Government                                                                   Chemistry II

    Geometry I                                       U.S. History 1                                                                         Environmental Science

    Geometry II                                      U.S. History 2                                                                       Geology I

    Pre-Algebra I                                   World History 1: (2 outside assignments)              Geology II

    Pre-Algebra II                                  World History 2 (2outside assignments)                Physical Science / Earth / Space I

    Pre-Calculus I                                                                                                                                  Physical Science / Earth / Space 2

    Pre-Calculus II                                                                                                                                 Physics 1

    Trigonometry                                                                                                                                   Physics 2



    GradPoint Elective Classes:                          GradPoint Elective Classes Continued:

    Beginning Music Theory 1                                                Psychology

    Constitutional & Criminal Law 1                                    Parenting & Child Development

    Constitutional & Criminal Law 2                                    Sociology

    Creative Writing                                                                    Sports & Entertainment Marketing

    Forensic Science 1                                                               Computer Applications:  (9 outside assignments)

    Forensic Science 2                                                             Health:  (1 outside assignment) Hospitality & Tourism                                    

    Independent Living:  (2 outside assignments)       Physical Education 1: (1 outside assignment)

    Intro to Visual Arts                                                                Mythology


    *Gradpoint classes must be preapproved.