Welcome to Kindergarten
  • Mrs. Loftin's and Mrs. Willis' Kindergarten Class!

    Kindergarten is such a magical year and we are so excited to be challenging your kiddos to reach for the stars! We are always amazed how much every child grows academically, beginning to read and write, and exploring in math, science, and social studies. While the acadmeics are so important, and we will work hard on them, they aren't always the most important parts of Kindergarten. This is a year where students learn what it looks and feels like to be a learner and part of a community who works together. It is a year of exploration, inquisitiveness, learning through play, and building relationships as we learn to play and work together. We also focus a lot on social-emotional skills like managing strong emotions, kindess, perservance, empathy, independence, honesty, courage, creativity, and problem-solving. Kindergarten is also a time of valuing family relationships and partnerships, so we hope we can work together to give your child the best first year at Scott possible!

Dream, Explore, Grow

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