• “The adolescent must never be treated as a child, for that is a stage of life that he has surpassed.  It is better to treat an adolescent as if he had greater value than he actually shows than as if he had less and let him feel that his merits and self-respect are disregarded."

    -Dr. Maria Montessori

  • Upper Elementary is the bridge between childhood and adolescence.  We strive to prepare each student for learning beyond elementary school.

  • A link to the graduation ceremony has been e-mailed to all parents.

    You are welcome to share the recording with family and friends.
    Please share thru e-mail or private messaging only.
    Do not post the recorded link and password on social media.

    Notes for viewing:
    -The audio/video will start at roughly 22:40.
    -You will see a very small picture of Ms. Sharon appear in the top right hand corner, in order to make the image larger, click on the arrow button  in the top right hand corner of the picture.
    -You will notice you can not see any of the videos that were shared during the ceremony, you can find them posted on the Upper EL Buena Vista website as soon as the videos have been properly uploaded into the D11 media server.
    -If you download the video, you will not be able to see any of the video only hear the audio.

    The videos shared during the reception after the ceremony will also be uploaded here as soon as all of the links are available.

    If you have any questions or trouble viewing the graduation, feel free to reach out. I will be checking e-mails on Mondays throughout the summer.

    Just keep on reading, reading, reading :)

    -Ms. Marni