Dr. Theresa Y. Newsom



Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Theresa Y. Newsom

As a Gifted Resource Teacher in CSSD11 and an Adjunct Professor Dr. Newsom integrates standards, creativity and divergent thinking strategies into lessons for students of all ages. Her goal is to connect culture into learning while developing leadership potential and leadership giftedness in children and youth. My work includes the identification of children and youth giftedness and the retention of Black Educators in our community. As a presenter for the National Association of Gifted Children and the founder of the Black Educator's Network, I use my talents and gifts to empower students to do what he/she thinks cannot be done by emphasizing G.R.I.T. (guts, resilience, integrity, tenacity) with purpose and support. As the CEO of Children with Promise Educational Services, I am passionate about enriching the intellectual capacity, emotional fortitude and leadership attributes, of youth, to prepare them today for tomorrow’s world.

  My mantra: You do not have to diminish yourself to empower others.

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