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    Email: maribeth.weems@d11.org

    Phone: 719-328-4777






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  • Welcome back to a new school year.  I am really looking forward to an amazing, fun-filled year of science and inquiry.  


    I will be using Office 365 and this Blackboard as my main classroom websites.  

    Blackboard: Click on your Class Page on the Quick launch menu on the left side of this page to see polices and information about your class.  Once on your class page, to get access to resources, unit plans with schedules, notes, ​study guides, vocab, documents​ for classwork and homework, quizzes, and more click on the class documents page in the Quick launch menu. Also on your class page quick launch menu is a link to the current calendar for whichever unit we are working on.

    Office 365:  Office 365 will also be a place to access all class documents and calendars by using the Teams app.  Once in the app, you will need to click on your class in the ​left menu. The class general page will contain a forum for asking questions and tabs across the top.  The important tabs are the files tab, which will contain general class files such as the syllabus and rubrics, and the ​ assignments tabs, which is where you will find any online homework assignments that I give (such as video notes for the advanced classes).  If you click on the unit pages (scientific method, genetics, etc.), you will contain a forum for asking questions and tabs across the top.  The files tab will contain files for that unit including video notes, unit documents​, study guides, and unit plans. Note: Only students will be able to access Office 365 Teams since it is contained within District 11 but parents can see all of the same documents on this Sharepoint site.

    You can contact me in several ways.  

    • Call the school and request to be transferred to my extension.  If I am available, I will answer the phone, otherwise please leave a message with your name, phone number, and reason for calling and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
    • Email me:  brittany.mabry@d11.org
    • Post a note on Office 365 Teams app under your class 

    Tutoring: I will be available for extra help/tutoring before or after school by appointment only. Please contact Mrs Mabry to set up a tutoring time and date.  Please give me at least 24 hours advanced notice of the tutoring time that you would like to come in so that I can ensure that I am not in a meeting, district training, or at an appointment and can devote my full attention to your student's tutoring needs.  Students, please bring any materials that you need help with to your scheduled tutoring time.

    Online book instructions

    1. Go to  connected.mcgraw-hill.com
    2. Click on sign in 
    3. Your sign in is your username for the district and the password is cssd11.​ 

    Disclaimer:All items, documents, and schedules on sharepoint and Office 365 are subject to change based on weather or other circumstances.  Please contact Mrs Mabry if you have questions about any changes.

    ​Finally remember the words of Dr. Seuss

    You have brains in your head.

    You have feet in your shoes.

    You can steer yourself

    Any direction you choose.​