Revise? Regrade? Yes! ​Late? NEVER!!!!!!!!!!​

 Chancy Lewis

Phone: (719) 328-5374


Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Education, Journalism major, Speech minor, Texas State University. MA in Education, Curriculum Development, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Graduate work, University of Missouri, Columbia, School of Journalism. Special Education Generalist, Colorado Department of Education.

Chancy Lewis

​​When a student tries but fails to learn, that's understandable; let's reteach, relearn, and give it another try for a better grade. When a legitimate, excused absence causes a person to fall behind, same thing. But there is no excuse for late work. That's especially true when allocated time during classes gets used to socialize and daydream.  

 ​     It’s simple: grades measure "real world" mastered skills. Employers say two skills essential to full-time employment are punctuality and willingness to learn. Academic skills you can sell and use forever; that stupid joke the class clown foisted on you will seem juvenile when your brain matures. Therefore: 

  •        If you don't want adults messing in your business, take care of your business promptly; 
  •        Meet deadlines with the best you can muster;  
  •        Use your time intelligently.

 S​​​o, the nutshell version of Mr. Lewis’s grading policy is: Do the work the best you know how the ​​first time. Meet deadlines. Ask questions, collaborate and refine your skills as needed. Then, enjoy sweeter grades and ripened skills that will make future academic learning simpler -- these are no brainers​ with great brain benefits.


Tutorial Opportunities:  By appointment; contact​ (719) 328-5374,