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    Activities for the Week of  May 11 - May 15

    Please be aware, the video link below is a YouTube video and may contain advertisements. You do NOT have to watch the video in order to research the plants and animals found within the region.

    Virtual Garden of the Gods Field Trip

    Hosted by our very own Bowen and Aeryn Gillings

    Garden of the Gods  


    Click here to access the field trip:

    Cultural Connections: Spring has Sprung in the Garden of the Gods - YouTube

    • Mr. Gillings and his 2nd Grade daughter, Aeryn mention many plants and animals as they tour the park. Pick one (or if you like to challenge yourself, you can pick more than one…😊) and do some research on your topic. (See the lists below.)
    • Good research requires MORE than one source or search engine. They use three or more to collect their research. You can use any search engine(s) that you choose to find out information about your plant or animal. Some of the search engines will not just show you pictures, but will show videos or recordings of the animals. Click here to access one of the search engines from the Chipeta webpage:
    • When it is safe, plan a hike to the Garden of the Gods and be the expert tour guide for your family! You may even see or hear some of the plants and animals that you researched!


    Listen for these plants and animals in the virtual field trip:



    White-throated Swifts

    Three Leaf Sumac

    Canada Geese 

    Choke Cherry Tree

    Prairie Falcons


    Black-billed Magpie

    Ponderosa Pine

    Bull Snake

    Apricot Tree

    Scrub Deer

    Pinion Pine

    Mule Deer

    Virginia Creeper

    Scrub Jay

    One Seed Juniper


    Rocky Mountain Juniper


    Douglas Fir


    Goose Berries

    Fox (Red Fox and Gray Fox)


    Black Bear


    Mountain Lion


    Rock Doves or Rock Pigeons





    Can you find any information on the dinosaur that was found in the park? I did not find any information using the Chipeta Web Tools. You may have to ask your parents to help you search. Dinosaur websites and Wikipedia may give you the most information. Take off the 2nd word and just search for the dinosaurs 1st name.   Theiophytalia Kerri


    Other Animals Native to the Park:

    Other Plants Native to the Park:

    Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

    Prickly-Pear Cactus

    Striped Skunk


    Honey Ants

    Common Fireweed

    Red-tailed Hawk


    American Kestrel

    Cottonwood Tree

    Northern Flicker

    Wild Rose

    Little Brown Bat

    Rocky Mountain Penstemon

    Pack Rat

    Butterfly Weed

    Broad-tailed Hummingbird

    Mountain Mahogany

    Violet-Green Swallow

    Gambel Oak

    Common Raven

    Pasque Flower

    Cottontail Rabbit

    Prairie Coneflower

    Wild Turkey


    Eastern Fence Lizard


    American Crow


    Western Tanager


    American Robin


    Spotted Towhee


    Mountain Chickadee


    Red-Winged Blackbird




    Least Chipmunk


    Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly



     What a great “Virtual Walking-Tour”! 

    Now, it’s time to choose one animal or plant that can be seen in The Garden of the Gods.

    We will dig deeper to discover:

    • more about the animal or plant,
    • how they interact and impact the Garden of the Gods, and
    • how people have had an impact on them.

    This is a great place to begin!



    HB                                            BHS                                RS    


    Use these WebCam links to watch the animals live in-action!







     Math Exemplar (For Critical Thinkers)


    Counting Corners

    Renee puts 6 green pattern blocks on her table and counts all the pattern-block corners. Charlotte puts 5 red pattern blocks on her table and counts all the pattern-block corners.

    Renee says Charlotte will count more corners. Charlotte says they will count the same number of corners. Who is correct?

    Show all your mathematical thinking.


              To check your answers click here: 

                 Counting Corners Answer Key



     Emoji Pictionary Puzzle Fun!

    Can you guess the title of the book from the Emoji chain?

    Some are trickier than others, so be patient.


    Emoji Puzzle  

         🐻🐻?👀 There are two brown bears a question mark and some eyes.
         = Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?
         👦🍑 There is a boy and a very large peach.
         = James and the Giant Peach

      Printable Emoji Puzzle

      Blank Answer Sheet (You may also use a blank sheet of paper.)

      Puzzle Answers

      Post a photo of you with one of the puzzle books! ⇐Padlet Link

     Once you have finished the puzzle, create your own Emoji chain for a well know children's book title.  Email this to your teacher to see if she can figure it out!  

    You can find lots of Emojis when you are on your D11 email (firstname.lastname@d11.org).  Click on "New Message" and then click on the yellow smiley face at the bottom and then click on the word "Emojis". There are several categories to click on below that.  There are dozens of Emoji choices.  You can even type in a key word to search for something.  Have fun! 


     2nd grade

    School Days

    Memory Book for 2nd Grade


    Click on the link below to print, color, write, and fold or cut your 2nd Grade memory book!

    Have FUN! 😊

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