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PLEASE GO TO, on the right side choose "schoology." If I get to have you in class, you will see all the goodness happen there.

Note to former APHUG students 2019-20: You all answered different questions for your AP exam. I am so proud of you for finishing strong, in spite of historical circumstances.  Some of you did as expected, some of you knocked it out of the park and some of you seemed to struggle more than usual with the online exam.   Either way, it's a great growth opportunity.  No matter your score, from 1-5, I am proud of you for finishing the race set before you!  Don't be a stranger! I'd love to see you in 2020/21.

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​​APHUG: Google Classroom:aafnn2d   CALENDAR on Schoology!

APHUG SUMMER ASSIGNMENT WILL BE POSTED ON OUR GOOGLE CLASSROOM by May 26 along with an intro letter and a letter to you from a student who just finished.  This assignment is due by beginning week of school, so please start now.  The textbook code will also be posted on our Google Classroom if you would like an early start. Besides the Summer Assignment, I recommend two apps: seterra (play daily for best results) and iSCORE5.


Student produced video telling you about APHUG 1

APHUG student produced video

PSA by Maile and Emily

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