Degrees and Certifications:

Coronado Choirs (seven different ensembles)

  • Concert Choir (Repertory and Men's Choir Combined) - beginning level group of mixed voices (no audition required) where students learn basic concepts of music reading, singing, and music theory while performing various styles and genres of choral music.  
  • Cantadoras - an intermediate level treble choir (audition required) performing various styles of choral music. Students will audition for honor groups, All State Choir and participate in other festivals and competitions.
  • Show Choir - an advanced group (audition required) of singers who perform Broadway, pop and modern music through song and dance. Show Choir students will audition for All State Choir and compete in various festivals including the yearly state Show Choir competition.
  • Chamber Choir - an advanced mixed group (audition required) of singers performing classical, acappella and chamber music. Chamber Choir students will audition for All State Choir and compete in various festivals, honor choirs and competitions.
  • Shomber Choir - the combination of the Show and Chamber choir creating a large mixed voiced ensemble that can perform challenging college level and professional choral works.
  • The Coronado Bluenotes - 4-8 singers hand selected by the choral director. This group is comprised of the most talented singers and musicians at Coronado High School performing modern acapella, pop and jazz on microphones. The Bluenotes will perform in various festivals and competitions including the yearly state jazz/acapella competition.