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BA in Physics & Astronomy from Boston University MAT in Mathematics & Teaching from Boston University

Mr. Wade

eLearning Update 

As many of you may have guessed, I will continue to use OneNote as my main means of relaying information, subject content, etc. to all my classes. This should be relatively familiar to most of you since I've used OneNote almost exclusively all year. Honors Physics will have to adjust a little more then most but the main difference is I will give notes on OneNote rather then on the board in class. My plan is to go through notes on OneNote in a similar way and at a similar pace as I would in class. Highlighting key terms and concepts, working out examples and assigning work as i normally would. There will now be more reponsibility on your part to "follow along" and "keep up". All of you are in CU Gold/AP classes with me and so we will continue to strive for completion of the required material that will get you the credits and test scores you've been working for. 


1. If you have been resisting to this point, it is now time to MAKE SURE you can access my classes on OneNote! If you are having difficulty, you can email me and I will double check you are on the roster but beyond that you may have to troubleshoot a little more to make it work.

2. I am not 100% sure what things look like in OneNote on your end but, Notes will continue to be found in the Content Library tab. I will try to remember to put start and stop markers with dates so you know what I would consider to be a days worth of content.

3. Work, Grades, etc. This is the tricky part and will require a steep learning curve for everyone (including myself). On my end of OneNote you each have a folder that only you and I can see, not the whole class. I assume that means that you should also see something besides the content library on your end. It has subcategories like "Handouts", "Class Notes", "Homework". THE PLAN is that we will use the "HOMEWORK" tab to interact one on one. Under the "HOMEWORK" tab you should be able to  "Add Page" give the page a Title at the top (one that is appropriate to let me know what it is without 10 minutes of research!) and then somehow post your work/attach it to that page. At the moment I'm thinking, if you have a scanner you could scan and drag and drop the file on the page, if that isn't an option, we can try posting pictures of the assignment on the page. We'll see how it goes.

This covers the essentials I think. We may make modifications as we go, but we can at least continue to move forward by utilizing OneNote in this way. 

Think before you act, be patient and try to take one day at a time in order stay safe. This is looking to be a pretty rough patch for EVERYONE for the foreseeable future.

- Wade







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