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Mrs. Ann Schulzki

A little about Mrs. Schulzki 

I am a second generation employee of School District 11   B.A. History, M.A. Curriculum and Instruction, Gifted and Talented Endorsement.   Teacher: 34 years - 26 years as a full-time Social Studies teacher and 9 years as a Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher. Currently serving on School District 11's Accreditation Committee. CSEA Sponsorships:  Mock Trial Sponsor for 10 years and currently sponsor of Future Problem Solvers Club/Teams.  This is happily my 26th year at Coronado! 

 If you are in need of my assistance this year, please feel free to contact me at: or 328-4172.

2019-20 School year

Assisting and serving Coronado's GT population is my primary goal, but I also coordinate the following programs:  Advanced Placement and CU Succeed dual enrollment. 

I have set up my teacher page to assist you or your student in each of these areas - GT, AP, CU Platinum or CU Succeed, and will place pertinent information in the announcement section below, on my calendar (menu to the left), or under each of the programs I help coordinate (left).

  • AP Exam Schedule

    May 4 - May 15, 2020 - Online registration will occur August through October 11.  School District 11 funding is still pending, but is committed to assuring that all students who want to take an AP exam have access to one.  The school district is reviewing the practice of paying for both AP exams and CU Gold/CU Succeed tuition for the same course.  A task force decision will be made by October 1, 2019.  Registration information through AP College Board has been distributed to all AP students, and students have "joined" the AP course in order to access AP resource materials. Students will have an opportunity by October 11 to proceed with taking the AP exam or not. 

    All students taking the second semester AP Microeconomics course will register for their AP course and exam in January when they begin their course - a join code with be distributed to them in January and they will have until the end of February to join the course and register for their AP Micro exam. The will be no late fees assessed by College Board to register for this course second semester.

    AP Legacy Grant

    Coronado was part of a 3 year grant funded by the National Math and Science Foundation, and supported by the Colorado Education Initiative, focusing on our AP program.  Students who took exams last spring and passed with a score of 3, 4, or 5 earned $21,200 in awards and were  honored at the Winter Assembly, February 1, 2019.  Each passing score in math, science, technology and English nets students $100.  Congratulations to the 133 students who worked hard and earned those passing scores! 

    Although we have completed the 3 year grant, students who took and passed the 2019 AP exams with a 3 or better in science, math, English and tech will earn their awards this fall as well.  The timeline looks to be similar to last year, with checks mailed in October or November.  A special AP assembly will be held to recognize these students sometime in November or December. Congratulations to all students who particpated!

    Advanced Learning Plans 

    The goal of an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP)  is to give every identified student the opportunity to participate in creating goals that are personalized and useful.  As the district high schools roll out the ALP, all documents related will be posted on this teacher page. Please click on the Gifted and Talented tab on the menu to the left.

    What Are Advanced Learning Plans?

    Colorado law requires an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP)  -  

     Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs) are . . .“a written record of gifted and talented programming utilized with each gifted child and considered in educational planning and decision making.”From: Colorado Department of Education, 22-20-103.  For the GT student, ALPs serve as a strength-based goal-setting enterprise. The key term here is strength-based. ALP goals are connected to the student’s identified area(s) of strength – verbal, non-verbal, and quantitative. From improving TCAP scores in one’s areas of strength to mentorship, independent projects, job-shadowing, research, and advanced studies classes, ALP goals serve as a means to enrich and develop the students’ gifted strengths.

    Here is the timeframe to complete the online ALP**  All ALP's are tied to ICAP this year and will be completed on Naviance.  Emails and instructions will be provided to Gifted and Talented students beginning November 8.

    ** Failure to complete the ALP on Naviance/ICAP by the specified deadlines listed above will indicate that the student is choosing not to participate in the ALP goal setting activity for the current school year.  The student will still be able to receive gifted and talented services, but will not have a formal ALP written.

    Freshmen and students who are

    Class meeting in October to intro and review- during Cougar Connect.  Mrs. Schulzki will work with each student to complete ALPs. 

    Sophomore students

    Class meeting in October to review- during Cougar Connect. ALP due Dec. 31.  Check your email and log in to Naviance.

    Junior students

    Class meeting in October to review - during Cougar Connect.  ALP due Dec. 31.  Check your email and log in to Naviance.

    Senior Students

    Class meeting in October - during Cougar Connect.   ALP due Dec. 31.  Check your email and log in to Naviance. CU Succeed Transcript info, AP exam scores, and letters of recommendation assistance are always available to GT senior students. Email Mrs. Schulzki at for assistance.  

    CU Succeed

    Apply and register - School district 11 is very committed to supporting this program, and assuring that all students who want to take dual credit have access to that opportunity. The school district is reviewing the practice of paying for AP testing and CU Gold/CU Succeed tuition for the same course. A task force decision will be made by October 1, 2019.  Funding guidelines updated by October 15.   Students must earn an A,B, or C in their CU Succeed course.  The tuition contract must be signed and returned. Mrs. Schulzki will visit each class that is registering for college credit each semester. Check with Mrs. Schulzki for information or questions.


    CU Platinum​

    We are offering the CU Platinum course, Public Speaking, COMM 2100, each semester.  Registration will begin for the Spring 2019 semester is now through September 11, with the course beginning September 11 - December 11.  Three college credit hours, transferable to a college of student's choice.  One high school credit can be earned as well - humanities/electives.  Check with Mrs. Schulzki if you are interested.  School District 11 will pay the tuition for this course.