• February Clubs

    All clubs are free to attend.

    The date listed on the enrollment site is the last day to register - Not the start date.

    A new sign up format - all clubs are on 1 link so you don't have to click for each club separately. Clubs are in alphabetical order.  

     Click this link to enroll in clubs. 

    1. Click the black arrows to scroll across and click on the club your child would like to enroll in. 

    Sign up  

    2. In the Available Slot box - Click on the  'Sign Up' button first, then click the  'Submit and Sign up' button at the bottom. 

    Sign up

     3. Type in how your child will get home (walk, walk to daycare, be picked up), and your name, your email and telephone number and your Child's name. You must fill out a form for each child.

    Sign up form

     4. Then click on the submit button at the bottom.


    February Clubs

      All after school clubs are free to attend!

     Click this link to enroll in clubs. 

    List of Clubs and start dates:

    New format - One link to enroll in all clubs -  Click on 'Clubs & Activities' Tab for instructions

    Club information:  

    Art Club -2nd - 3rd - Starts February 4th - Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays 

    Piano Club -K - 1st - Starts February 4th -- Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays

    Monday Makerspace - K - 5th - Starts February 4th - Mondays (may not enroll in Thursday Makerspace)              Charger Leaders - K - 5th - Starts February 5th - Tuesdays

    Minecraft Club - 3rd - 5th - Starts February 6th - Wednesdays

    Thursday Makerspace - K - 5th - Starts February 7th - Thursdays (may not enroll in Monday Makerspace)

    Bike Club - K - 5th - Starts February 1st- Fridays

    Game Club - 3rd - 5th - Starts February 1st - Fridays

    Girls' Club - 3rd - 5th - (previously enrolled students need not re-enroll) - Fridays