• December 2019

    Snow Day Schedule Adjustments

    Holmes Community,

    Due to the early impact of snow days, District 11 leadership has requested that each school adjust bell schedules to ensure all schools have a minimum of five extra days above the state requirement in the event we have a heavy winter. We believe the least disruptive solution is to add five additional minutes at the end of the school day for the remainder of the year. Five additional minutes from December 2nd to May 22nd will place us just above the district’s minimum expectation (this, unfortunately, does not include the snow day on 11.22.19). The bell schedule will get adjusted and reflect a school day from 8:45 am to 3:50 pm. A copy of the bell schedule can be found on the school website under the About Us tab on the School Hours and Schedules page.

    Here are the details of how we get our time over the requested 5 days remaining:

    After two snow days, we have 3.8 days remaining

    1.2 days needed to gain and hit 5 days remaining

    386 minutes minutes per day

    77.2 minutes per .2 day

    463.20 minutes needed to gain

    December 2nd to May 22nd = 104 days

    463.2 minutes needed / 104 days remaining = 4.46 minutes needed / day or @ 5 minutes needed / day


    Thank you,


    Tony Karr, Principal and Steph Carlson, SAC Chair


    August 2019

    The School Accountability Committee (SAC) is a decision-making advisory group mandated by the State of Colorado to review school goals, drive school improvements and monitor school budgets.  Responsibilities include:

    • Making recommendations to the Principal concerning priorities for spending school funds.
    • Providing input in the preparation and implementation of School's Performance, Improvement or Turnaround plans.
    • Assisting school personnel to increase parents' engagement with teachers.

    Advising the school administration on the overall improvement of the school.

    Come join us on one of the following Friday mornings from 7:30 -8:45am in the Media Center. We'd love to have you join us even if you are just want to learn more about Holmes. See you at Holmes!

    August 30*                      January 24

    September 27                  February 28

    October 18*                     March 20*

    November 22*                  April 24

    December 20*                  May 15*


    Stephanie Carlson, Chair


    May 2019

    As we close out the 2018-2019 school year at Holmes Middle School we would like to invite parents and staff to consider joining us during the upcoming school year. The SAC committee provides a wonderful place at the cross section of key issues to provide input and support to the school on many relevant topics. There is so much you can contribute!

    This year has been one of transition and we applaud how well the administration has worked with parents, students and the district to maintain the high level of intentionality and care for the students. The teachers and staff have collaborated marvelously, and we wish them ENERGY and CREATIVITY as they close out the year and hopefully rest over the summer!

    This year the SAC committee has worked on the following issues:

    1. Tracked with the school administration during the transition period to interim principal to ensure adequate communication.
    2. Participated in the initial stages of the principal search.
    3. Discussion and tracking of testing data paying careful attention due to the new testing format/timing/scope and sequence that came from the district this fall.
    4. Planning the 50th Anniversary of Holmes (ultimately moved to coincide with Coronado’s homecoming weekend on September 20/21,)
    5. Focused discussion on strategies to how to best market Holmes and to reach out to our feeder schools. Part of this has been re-imagining the Hawk Nights and how to reach out to 5th grade students and their families through this event.
    6. Discussions on getting parent input on our Holmes website through a survey.
    7. Planned a “debrief” for Holmes 8th grade parents and students.

    Please join us next year on the 4th Friday of every month from 7:30-8:30am in the Media Center!

    In the meantime – please feel free to reach out and email me with any questions at steph004@gmail.com

    Stephanie Carlson, Chair


    Please click HERE to visit the District Accountability Committee's website.