• The North Gifted & Talented Academy.

    North has based this program upon the Talent Development Model of Gifted Education.  This recognizes that a student's area of giftedness may not be global; a student may be gifted in math, art, ELA, music, and/or leadership skills, for example.  To meet student needs, North provides dynamic scheduling so that a student may have advanced instruction in their area of giftedness, but not be required to enroall in advanced classes in all areas.  

    North's GTA program is unique with a focus on cultural awareness to focus on the richness of the backgrounds of all of our students and to prepare all student for the rich diversity they will encountetr as they move on the next stages of their academic careers.  This contributes to an international mindedness that helps promote a peaceful existence which is a core tenet of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at North Middle School.




  • The GT Academy provides students officially recognized as Gifted and Talented an option of being part of a class cohort that travels together.

    High honors level classes challenge students to focus on their passion for learning and exploration, and outside of their areas of strengths students may participate in appropriately challenging classes.  The GT Academy provides an excellent grounding for students looking toward the IB Diploma Programme or Advanced Placement classes in high school.  Class size is limited.

    Enrollment is by a successful Honors application plus GT scores, teacher recommendations and interviews.