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  • Chocolate Sale begins (return permission slips if student will sell)

    April 23-May 8

    No School Friday, April 27 - School closed due to teacher rally in Denver.

    4th Grade PBL Showcase is May 3rd

    Track Day May 4

    Fundraiser May 10 at Chipotle


    Spelling words for April 23-26

    1. test

    2. spell

    3. solve

    4. tone

    5. supply

    6. sincerely

    7. statement

    8. student

    9. sudden

    10. system


    The first 5 words are the short list for some students.  If you are not sure ask Mr. Holcombe if your child is on a short list.




    Homework for the week of April 23-26

    Spelling 15 points from spelling menu due Thursday.  Spelling test Thursday this week due to no school Friday.

    Reading: Read 20 minutes each night from assigned reading group book.

    Reading logs are due during each students reading group on the assigned book.

        Monday, April 23: Orange 2 (Boxcar Children)

        Tuesday, April 24: Orange 1 (Spark's Toys)

        Wednesday, April 25: Green (Brian's Winter)

        Thursday, April 26:  Blue (Because of Winn Dixie) and All others who are not in the above groups.

        Friday, April 27: No School

    Math: : 

              Monday: HW p.187

              Tuesday: Practice Multiplication/division facts Worksheet 

              Wednesday: HW p.189

              Thursday:Practice Multiplication/division facts flash cards         

              Friday: No School 


    Thanks for your support!