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    Lions, each time you come to do your PE, please click this button and sign in. Thanks!

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    If you want to check in and let Mr. Poole know how things are going with your Physical Education or anything else you can quickly do that with this link ---> What's Going on Mr. Poole!

    If you need Mr. Poole you can always send me an email or call me: and 719-328-6025

    Students please jump down to below the picture of Mr. Poole and Monroe.

    Cyber Smart Parent Parents/Guardians - If you are not already using an app or extension to watch over your kiddos, below are a couple of videos for you to help keep them safe with Parental Controls (they will open in new windows). I have tried to have all vidoes and links not take students off of the D11 paltform. When that is not possible, they go to trusted sources only.

     How to Quickly Set-up Parental Controls on YouTube and Google

    4 Ways to Protect Your Child on YouTube

    Mr. Poole and Monroe


    King Lions, you have worked so hard this year in Physical Education! I miss teaching you and getting to see you every day! Even though we are not together in person right now, it doesn't mean you should stop improving your skills. So, here is your plan, it’s going to be awesome!

    Mr. Poole is going to give you some activities to try each week. You will find them in the areas on the left side of this site. If you find ones you like, I want you to do them again as many times as you want. You do not have to worry about doing all the activities, you choose the ones that keep you active and learning. I know you will keep doing your best like you always have! Be sure to check out and try the PE Challenges. I know you will ROCK 'EM!

    I want to make sure I don't overwhelm you so I will post new activity choices each week, adding to our Distance Learning PE activities. As long as you are working on your skills and having fun, you are succeeding. 

    Remember, just like when we are working together at school, practice makes permanent and your goal is to play and you will improve! Do your BEST and forget the REST!

    This is your time to be a leader and show your family your skills that you have worked so hard to learn. If you have family members available ask them to participate with you. If you have another King Lion you live with, do your PE together!

    Use your ROARS in everything you do, PE and everywhere else. Make sure you use your Digital Citizenship skills that you have learned and stay safe and wise on the internet. Remember I believe in you and I know you got this!

    READY  SET  GO!!