• Welcome to our 3rd Grade Website! 😊 

    Winnie Pooh

    We only have two days left of school, and I want you to know I will truly miss your children this summer! 😊 I am so inspired by their smiles and hugs every day.  They keep me going throughout the school year!  They have all grown in so many ways, and I am very proud of each and every one! 😊


    I hope you will have a wonderful, relaxing summer full of times with family and friends, laughter and love. 😊  


    Also, if you, or your child want to keep in touch with me over the summer, please feel free to do so! 😊  I will be checking my work email at least once or twice a week.  It might be fun for your child to email me (plus, it’s good practice in letter writing and keyboarding!). 😊 I’d love to hear what my students are up to over the summer.   


    Students will still be able to access a variety of websites.  Most can be found on the king website by going to Teacher Sites, Allard, and Links Library.  The link to the King website is: https://www.d11.org/king 





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