4th Grade – Mrs. Matthews and Mrs. Toombs combo class

    “When I first came to Steele, everyone was so welcoming. I feel like I belong here.”

    What makes 4th grade special?

    • Students develop jobs and a society, integrating government, math, economics, reading and writing. They make, build, and market products to mimic an economy.
      • “I love that our teachers allow us to work together with my classmates.”
    • 4th graders take part in project-based learning, allowing them to explore their own passions and creativity.
      • “I loved Genius Hour because we get to explore our feelings in what we want to change about the world!”
    • 4th graders are hands-on learners; when they learn about plant and animal structures, they dissect a squid, a sheep’s brain, and a cow’s eye!
      • “There is always a new challenge awaiting me. I feel like this makes me smarter.”
    • Field Trips! Every year, 4th graders to locations like Ben’t Fort and the Capital in Denver to dig deeper into Colorado History.
      • “Across the grade levels, we all seem to know each other.”
      • “Steele is a place filled with trust and respect for each other.”