• AP Students:

    It is vitally important that you please take the time to look at the links to the RIGHT → 

    The links will take you through very important information you will need for your AP exams this year.

    1. The guide has information on:

    • Your AP Exam E-Ticket
    • Five Steps to Take Before Exam Day(s)
    • What to expect on Exam Day
    • Exam Scores, Credit, Placement

    2. AP Exam Day Checklist - don't wait until Exam Day to complete

    3. A video from AP on what to expect on exam day

    4. AP Testing Schedule - all times are when the exam begins [note -- all exam times are for Mountain Daylight time -- exams begin at 10:00am, 12:00noon or 2:00pm - please note that the times on the E-Ticket may NOT always reflect MDT]- you need to be logged in 30 minutes prior to the exam start time total testing time is 80 mintues [check in 30 minutes prior to exam, 45 minutes for the exam, 5 minute upload]

    5. No Lockdown Browser/Browser – default browser to latest versions of Chrome (Google free download), Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge – No Internet Explorer  

    6. Disable all plug-ins – especially Grammarly – Google how to disable browser extensions if needed

    7. Once you begin an exam you have committed to having the exam scored. Make your final decision carefully.

    8. It is highly advisable that students consider taking the AP practice exams beginning on May 4, 2020 access the practice exams here: https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students 

    9.  You can’t test without your AP ID. Two days before your exam, you’ll get an email with your AP ID and your AP Exam e-ticket. More Details 

    10. You must not refresh your browser while taking the online exam (unless you’re directed to).

    All exam questions display automatically. Unless you get an error message directing you to do so, don’t refresh your browser or hit the back button while your online exam is in process.

    11. You must submit your response before time expires. For two-question exams, you’ll have 30 minutes for question 1 (25 minutes to read the question and work on your response and 5 minutes to submit it) and 20 minutes for question 2 (15 minutes to read the question and work on your response and 5 minutes to submit it).

    12. Forgot your login information? Go here: https://account.collegeboard.org/login/login  Please use your email that you signed up for AP exams with your teacher [could be a D11 email or perhaps your home email] - if you are having problems contact your teacher or Mr. Schulzki anton.schulzki@d11.org