• Please read the following from the College Board:

    March 20, 2020

    As schools and communities navigate the unprecedented challenges posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the health and safety of educators and students are the AP Program’s top priorities. Here’s how we’re supporting schools:

    Through our members across the country, we understand the new time constraints on everyone in the education community. These solutions are meant to be as simple and lightweight as possible for both students and teachers — without creating additional burdens for school leaders during this time.

    • Traditional face-to-face exam administrations will not take place. Students will take a 45-minute online free-response exam at home. 
    • Some students may want to take the exam sooner rather than later, while the content is still fresh. Other students may want more time to practice. For each AP subject, there will be 2 different testing dates.

    The full exam schedule, specific free-response question types that will be on each AP Exam, and additional testing details will be available by April 3. We'll also unlock any relevant free-response questions in AP Classroom for digital use so students can access all practice questions of the type that will appear on the exam.

    About This Year’s AP Exams

    Students remain eager to take AP Exams and to have a chance to earn credit and placement. We surveyed 18,000 AP students and 91% indicated they want to complete this important step, urging us not to cancel this opportunity they have been working toward.

    College Board will continue to support students with free resources through exam day. And while we encourage students to wait until closer to the test date to decide, any student already registered for an exam can choose to cancel at no charge.

    The AP Program will invest heavily over the next month in the following ways:

    • For the 2019–20 exam administration only, students can take a 45-minute online free-response exam at home. Educator-led development committees are currently selecting the exam questions that will be administered.
    • To be fair to all students, some of whom have lost more instructional time than others, the exam will only include topics and skills most AP teachers and students have already covered in class by early March.
    • Colleges support this solution and are committed to ensuring that AP students receive the credit they have worked this year to earn. For decades, colleges have accepted a shortened AP Exam for college credit when groups of students have experienced emergencies.
    • Students will be able to take these streamlined exams on any device they have access to—computer, tablet, or smartphone. Taking a photo of handwritten work will also be an option.

    Test security is a concern.

    • The exam questions are designed and administered in ways that prevent cheating; we use a range of digital security tools and techniques, including plagiarism detection software, to protect the integrity of the exams.
      Course-Specific Exam Information
      AP Subject Exam question(s) will only cover: Exam question(s) will NOT cover: Exam question type(s) Exam Date #1 Exam Date #2
      Art and Design: 2D Portfolio N/A N/A Selected Works: 3 works required (instead of 5) to be submitted digitally + Sustained Investigation: 10 images required (instead of 15), also submitted digitally Portfolio due date extended for all students to May 26 at 11:59 p.m. ET
      Art and Design: Drawing N/A N/A Selected Works: 3 works required (instead of 5) to be submitted digitally + Sustained Investigation: 10 images required (instead of 15), also submitted digitally Portfolio due date extended for all students to May 26 at 11:59 p.m. ET
      Calculus AB Units 1-7 Unit 8 * * *
      Chemistry Units 1-7 Units 8-9 * * *
      Chinese Language and Culture Units 1-4 Units 5-6 * * *
      Economics - Micro Units 1-5 Unit 6 * * *
      English Language and Composition Units 1-7 Units 8-9 * * *
      English Literature and Composition Units 1-7 Units 8-9 * * *
      Government and Politics: U.S. Units 1-3 Units 4-5 * * *
      Human Geography Units 1-5 Units 6-7 * * *
      Psychology Units 1-7 Units 8-9 * * *
      Statistics Units 1-7 Units 8-9 * * *
      U.S. History Units 1-7 Units 8-9 * * *

    * This information will be posted here by Friday, April 3.

    Here’s how we’re supporting schools:

    • The College Board is providing free remote learning resources. These resources include online review sessions for all AP courses. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these sources as well as resources provided by your teacher.
    • If you have specific questions regarding your AP class you are encouraged to contact your AP teacher or Mr. Schulzki - AP cooridnator anton.schulzki@d11.org or phone 7190-328-7378